With our partners and the people we serve, we create strategic programs that positively impact the lives of people in need. We ensure that people affected by neglected tropical diseases like leprosy have access to health care and community support for better mental, physical and social well-being.

We work with governments and health systems so that our programs are high impact and make a lasting difference for the people we serve and their communities.

Photo Credit: Tom Bradley

Hospital and Community Support

Nearly 60 per cent of all new cases of leprosy in the world are found in India. Northern states, such as Uttar Pradesh, tend to have the greatest number of cases due to population density. That’s why Effect Hope partners to provide hospital and community care in this region at The Leprosy Mission Naini Hospital

Working Toward a Leprosy-Free Bangladesh

Too many people are living with the devastating consequences of leprosy because they cannot access health care. In the Proyash Program, we work with our partners and the Government of Bangladesh, we are on a mission to see zero leprosy transmission, zero disability and zero social consequences due to leprosy through stronger, inclusive health systems.

COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

The pandemic in India is having a deadly impact. The health system is overwhelmed. one of our partner hospitals, experienced a 90 per cent positivity rate for COVID-19 among the staff. The situation is grim for the people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.  Working with Lepra India and Lepra UK, we are helping to ensure that vulnerable people can access the COVID-19 vaccine in Bihar, India. Will you provide a life-saving vaccine today?

Integrating care for Neglected Tropical Diseases into the Health System

You can contribute to a resilient health system that provides accessible, affordable, and skilled detection, treatment and management of neglected tropical diseases in Liberia. In the Integrated Case Management NTD Project, together, with partners and government, we are working to make sure that health providers and systems are equipped to support people with neglected tropical diseases. 

Ensuring that Every Child Thrives

A parasitic worm infection can threaten a child’s physical and cognitive development, stealing the possibility of a strong future. Through the Every Child Thrives program in Kenya, we work with the Government to build a system that can provide deworming treatment and vitamin A supplements to children under the age of 5 to treat and prevent parasitic worm infections. This program has reached over 7 million children.

This program is funded by the Global Affairs Canada.

Mental Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases

In some areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is limited awareness about leprosy and lymphatic filariasis. This means that many cases are found too late, leaving affected individuals with disabilities.

Misconceptions about the neglected tropical diseases can cause extreme discrimination. This has a serious impact on the mental health of those affected. You can help support mental health care for people affected by neglected tropical diseases.


  • The Leprosy Mission Hospital Naini
  • Premananda Memorial Hospital, Kolkata
  • Stanley Browne Laboratory
  • Children Unite for Action
  • COVID-19 Vaccine


  • Proyash – Accelerating Leprosy Services (with Lepra)
  • Proyash – Accelerating Leprosy Services (with TLMI-B)
  • Northwest Bangladesh Ultra Poverty Initiative Project (NUPIP)


  • Integrated Case Management NTD Project
  • Reducing burden of Severe Stigmatizing Skin Diseases research project (REDRESS)


  • Every Child Thrives

Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Mental Health and NTDs in Kasai, DR Congo

Other Programs We Support

  • Canadian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNNTD)
  • Vaccine Research – LepVax
  • Research to Stop Transmission of NTDs (R2STOP)