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FAQ about Donations

Q. I’m concerned about the amount of mail I get…and about the cost.
The reason we mail letters so regularly is that it is still our most positive and cost-effective way of raising support for people affected by leprosy.

Q. What is the breakdown of costs?
The cost to bring the cure and necessary after treatment care, is about $396 a year, or $33 a month.

Based on the figures shown in our 2014 Annual Report, The Leprosy Mission Canada’s fundraising costs fell in the “Generally Acceptable” range as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Promotions costs are under 25% of all revenue that is raised directly due to money spent on fundraising.

Please read our annual report for more information about our impact around the world.

Q. What is included in the $396?
$396 includes the costs associated with finding and identifying individuals with leprosy, testing and diagnosing the specific type of leprosy, providing the correct medical treatment including any additional medication required, distributing the medication and checking on patients every month, treating any reactions to the medication or additional symptoms of the disease and follow-up with patients for 2-3 years after treatment is completed. In addition, this cost includes physical rehabilitation, socio-economic aid, and community based support for the patient re-entering their community.

The cost of the actual Multi Drug Therapy medicine is covered by the generous financial support of the Novartis Foundation.

Q. What is included in the cost of $99 for an early diagnosis and cure?
$99 helps one person receive an early diagnosis and the free medicine to stop the spread of leprosy in their body. Catching leprosy early prevents a life lived with disability, stigma and isolation. Your gift trains and equips health workers and enables them to provide the medication, so that more people affected by leprosy get this vital early intervention. It is a great opportunity to reduce suffering.

Q. I want my donation to go to the child I saw on TV.
Thankfully, the children on our TV spots have already been cured – because of a generous person like you. If you would like to make a donation especially for children with leprosy, we will be happy do that. If so, when you mail in your donation, please write a note saying that you want to support children specifically.

Q. Can I sponsor a child?
No, we are not a sponsorship organization. Thanks to the fact that a cure for leprosy was developed over 20 years ago, we can spend as little as 6 months to 2 years to cure with a person who has leprosy, not the decade or two that a sponsorship organization spends with a child.

However, if you sign up for an ongoing monthly pledge to cure someone from leprosy, we will send you pictures and stories of people who have been helped by the generosity of Canadians like you. Our website features some stories as well. Read our blog for some stories of children and adults who have already been cured.

Q. Can I make my gift in memory of someone/for a special cause/country?
Yes. If you are giving a gift online, please fill out the Tribute Information portion of the online donation form. Or, make a note of it when you mail in your donation. If you would like us to send an acknowledgment card to the family if you are donating in memory of someone, please include their name and address.

If you are donating online, you can specify the area where you want your donation to go on our donation page.

Q. What options do I have for method of payment?
You may give by:

  • pre-authorized giving from your bank account (monthly withdrawals on the 1st or the 15th of the month, and you will need to send us a void cheque)
  • credit card (one-time gifts any time or monthly automatic charges on 1st or the 15th of the month)
  • cheque or money order (please do not send cash through the mail)

Giving by monthly withdrawals is the most cost effective method of donating, as it allows us to minimize our administration costs. This means more of the funds raised can be used to help people affected by leprosy.

We also offer an online giving option through our website. Visit our donation page to donate now.

We accept donations by PayPal through CanadaHelps.

Q. How are stamps used to raise money?
effect:hope sells 25-pound bags of stamps to stamp dealers, and we also sell stamp collections at auction sales. If you are going to send stamps to us, please make sure they are trimmed from the envelopes with about ¼ inch of paper surrounding the stamp. More information about stamps can be found here.