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FAQ about the adoption of effect:hope

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Q. Who do I make my cheques out to/are my pre-authorized or void cheques written to The Leprosy Mission Canada still valid?
Please make cheques payable to effect:hope. Cheques written out to The Leprosy Mission Canada are still valid, as this name will remain valid on cheques since we are not going through a legal name change.

Q. Did you legally change the name from The Leprosy Mission Canada to effect:hope?
No.  We are officially still registered as: “The Leprosy Mission Canada” but will be communicating with you as “effect:hope”. This shifts the emphasis from a disease to people, which we believe is a more positive message.

Q. Why did you adopt the name effect:hope?
We adopted the name effect:hope for two reasons:
a) effect:hope conveys the great news that each one of us can be an agent of hope; and it’s an invitation to each one of us to be that agent. We are still the same organization and we are dedicated to eliminating leprosy, curing people affected by leprosy and similar conditions and instilling hope. We stand by people within their own community – effecting positive, lasting change for the better.
b) Recently the international Leprosy Mission network created a new structure that would have put us offside with Canada’s Income Tax Act. Had we signed on to the new structure, we would not have been able to issue you a tax receipt. We continue to be in close partnership with our Leprosy Mission partners around the world. In fact, we now engage even more directly with our partners overseas and the people they serve. In order to avoid confusion we felt that we needed a name change.

Q. I’ve read that you are working to eliminate leprosy. What does that mean?
Yes, we are working towards leprosy elimination. That means zero people diagnosed with leprosy each year.  That’s called “the interruption of transmission.” You can read more on the Elimination page of our website.

Q. Is leprosy elimination actually possible? If so, how?
In all of history, we have never been closer to leprosy elimination. We have had an effective cure for over 30 years (Multi Drug Therapy), but now we also have renewed global political interest in ending the disease. There are still some major obstacles to overcome and we need new tools to eliminate the disease for good. This includes knowing how the disease is transmitted; developing a cheap and effective diagnostic test to limit the exposure of others to the bacilli, and contributing to stronger health systems in areas where leprosy is still a problem, so that anyone, anywhere can be diagnosed with leprosy and treated at any hospital or clinic. In order to do this, we need your help. The last stage of disease elimination is the hardest.  But, our goal is to see ZERO people affected with leprosy.

Q. Are you still a Christian organization?
Yes! Very much so. In fact, we feel that the new name effect:hope emphasizes the people who are affected by leprosy rather than emphasizing a disease, which is a more positive and Christ-like emphasis.

Q. Are you still the same charity?
Yes! While our name is changing, our promise stays the same. Through us, you will continue to free those affected by leprosy from disease, isolation and stigma.

Q. Are you still focused on leprosy? 
Yes! In fact, we are working actively towards leprosy elimination. That means zero people diagnosed with leprosy each year. That’s called “the interruption of transmission.”

Q. Does my $33/month still provide a cure for people with leprosy?
Yes. We are actually working more effectively than ever in some areas where we work, and your donations are going even further than ever.  So much so that some of our patients have become leaders of positive change in their communities.