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I was a medical technologist with the Leprosy Control Program (officially named the Public Health Clinic) in Guyana from 1982-1990. In this role, I spent time with patients and studied the effects of leprosy. The program assistant director was a born again believer from Jamaica and her husband was a pastor. I saw how she interacted with these patients; without fear and with so much love. I didn’t understand it then, but later when I left Guyana, I came to know the Lord and understood why she was like that.
When my family and I moved to Canada, I desired to sow into the ministry of effect:hope. I can identify with patients who have leprosy. I understand their needs, pain and suffering. Above all, I have witnessed the trauma due to the rejection from society, especially from family. This burns in my heart and for this reason, supporting effect:hope is my heart’s desire.
– Jane S.


One of the challenges in giving is who to entrust funds to that God has supplied in the first place. Leprosy is an ancient disease that is truly hideous but is now very treatable. History tells us that Jesus encountered this disease personally and showed all of us how he felt about those who were affected. effect: hope is truly an extension of His mission. This fact alone motivated us to support your organization. And now you’ve extended God’s calling to fight more neglected diseases that are as debilitating as leprosy. We did some research about how your organization operates and have been very impressed with your results.
We have the easy job, to find Missions like yours and give. Thank you for your Life Changing Ministry.

– Dennis & Leanne


I am pleased with the good work and fantastic results that the effect:hope team has accomplished by providing treatment and education of persons afflicted by these terrible diseases. Anyone supporting the organizations efforts will be content knowing that their financial contributions are helping many less fortunate people. Gambit Safety Inc. will continue to be a proud supporter of effect:hope’s mission for now and in the future.

– Bill Kaine, President, Gambit Safety Inc.


We have been supporting effect:hope for many years. Initially when we saw the Leprosy plight we found it incredible to see this disease still existed in this day and age. The Schneider Family Foundation supports a number of charities but we find that the most rewarding are the initiatives that work closely with helping extremely poor communities who do not have the means, resources or circumstances to help themselves. We believe that with wealth comes great responsibility to help your fellow man. If our support can change the lives of few, it is worth it to continue to do so. It is a small drop in the bucket but if all of us can give what we can the bucket will become fuller and change the lives of many, even a whole generation. We wish you continued good luck with your fundraising initiatives and the people you are helping. God bless.

– Michelle Goodridge, Schneider Family Foundation


We have been supporting effect:hope since 2004, we feel called to help at least one person with leprosy every year in any way we can. Your organization helps people who are too often forgotten and ignored by society. We collect bottles in our neighborhood to return for cash which we donate and we also collect stamps from people and churches to give to the effect:hope stamp program. Every morning we pray for you and the work you do to help care for suffering people.

-Jerry and Connie Maynard


I grew up in the West part of India and in 1967 I was working in South India. There was a leprosy colony in the South part of India and people with leprosy would approach me to beg for money. People with leprosy would also come to West India to beg for money, when people saw them approach they closed their shutters and locked their doors. There was a belief that these people who had leprosy were contagious.
In 1972 I came to Canada and off and on I would have a dream. In the dream a person with leprosy was approaching me to beg for money and one night this person touched my hand with his hand and I was so frightened and then I went to my home and washed my hand with bleach because I was afraid of catching the disease. One night I had a dream that a lot of people with leprosy were sitting under the shade of the tree in the summer and I was passing by them and I was so scared to see them.
When I woke up I remembered my time in the village and these people. I remembered how many were affected by this disease. Not just the leprosy patient, but their family who faced prejudice by association. Leprosy is a disease of the poor.
My conscience was feeling guilty that I didn’t give them money that time and for peace of mind I started supporting effect:hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) in 2007 but not for recognition for myself. I can’t say if it’s because I’m giving the donations but I have not had any dreams for a long time.
It’s because I believe that all people have purpose and it’s my duty to help them. It is not just effect:hope’s mission to cure people of leprosy, it is all our mission, and by doing so we will help poor countries like India prosper.

– G. Purewal


When I was a Born Again Christian for 18 years I was struggling financially and lamented to God, “The sheet’s not large enough to cover the bed!” and He led me to Malachi chapter 3 and showed me that I was too tight with my money, like the sheet. He challenged me, as he does anyone, to bring in the full tithe and start being socially responsible. In return he promised to ‘pour a blessing out so great that one could scarcely contain it’.
I believe in following God’s command, and I had to overcome the temptation to say that this tithe is ‘earmarked for God’ so someone closer to home shouldn’t benefit, therefore I helped locally first including family and friends. When no such need existed I then considered a charity, and God set in my heart a memory of when I was 8 with my family in Bangladesh. As my brother and I sat in our parked car a man with no nose, just a gaping red sinus cavity, leaned into my brother’s window to ask for help. This man had leprosy, and I could see his body falling apart. The impression he made stayed with me into my adult years. God called me to support a charity that brought hope and healing to people with leprosy and I began to give part of my tithe to effect: hope (then, The Leprosy Mission of Canada) and have done so since 2000. Since I began tithing, God has brought countless blessings into my life – even the challenging events I didn’t understand at the time, led to prosperity and praises for God.

– Ken Lander


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