an Advocate

Your voice is powerful. Use it to share the story of people who are forgotten.  

Many Canadians do not realize leprosy still exists! By speaking with your friends and family about effect:hope's work and the people we serve, you’re creating a better world for children, families and communities affected by leprosy and other diseases of poverty. 

Help us reach 1.8 million children under the age of 5!

There are many ways to get the word out. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Organize an Event

We will send a speaker to your event or provide you with a video to share. This is an opportunity to give a voice to those affected by leprosy, to share the story of a person who feels forgotten. 

Sign up, speak up!

Hope and Healing, a quarterly email newsletter with the latest news on how your gifts are changing lives, is sent to many of our supporters at no charge. Inside each issue you'll find patient stories and ways you can take action through advocacy and prayer. 

Write your Story

Share your compassion with others by writing a personal testimony of why you support those living with leprosy and other diseases of poverty. This may be published online or in your local newspaper. If you are willing, we can also arrange for an interview with your local paper as an effect:hope supporter. 

Let's stamp out leprosy!

Send us your used stamps to help cure someone who has leprosy. Last year, our supporters cured more than 60 people by sending us their trimmed postage stamps.

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