Annual Report

2020 began with great optimism at Effect Hope. We could never have predicted the global fall-out that was coming. 

A Letter From Kim

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your determined and committed support of the people we serve– I know it was not always easy. Throughout the media, the common narrative of 2020 is one of fear and despair. I want to challenge that. I saw God’s love in our partners’ work overseas and your vital support.

It was actually the year of Determined Hope.

We asked you for your help with coronavirus relief. You responded generously, which provided critical COVID-19 testing in India. Because of your generosity, mobile equipment can test for the virus in hard-to-reach places. This is a true gift of hope.

But with success also comes tragedy this year.

The consequences of this pandemic are devastating and deadly for the communities where we work.

We pray that many more will not suffer from worsening disabilities and discrimination because of delays in disease detection and treatments– a stark reality many could now face.

As you read the report, you will discover that ‘determined hope’ has helped many this year. You will read about Ansar, a project participant in Bangladesh, who was able to launch a new business that will lift his family out of ultra-poverty.

In Canada, we were recognized as a Top 10 Impact charity by Charity Intelligence because of our determination to ensure your gifts support people. And across all our programs, almost half a million people were screened for leprosy, despite lockdown challenges.

I am excited to share with you some of what’s in store for 2021. The Government of Canada recognized the incredible impact we have had together in the lives of preschoolers. They renewed funding to reach more children threatened by parasitic worms (the program started in March 2021).

We will work hard to improve access to NTD health care, mental health, and wellbeing for people affected by NTDs without losing focus on gender equality and social inclusion. We will continue to closely monitor our overall financial health to ensure a sustainable organization for years to come.

We were all stretched in difficult and unpredictable ways over the last year, and I do not take your generosity for granted. Thank you for your steadfast determination to make a difference despite personal challenges this year. You are a champion for hope.

Kim Evans, CEO

Our Impact In 2020

people screened for leprosy and other Neglected Tropical Diseases

People Educated About Neglected Tropical Diseases

People Provided Emergency Covid-19 Support

Surgeries & Treatments For Neglected Tropical Diseases

Philip Yancey Tour

We launched a cross-Canada tour with acclaimed Christian author Philip Yancey in February, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we only made it to British Columbia.

Yancey has a deep connection and love for people affected by leprosy, having spent time getting to know people living with the effects of the disease. Hope and determination are themes throughout Yancey’s books, especially his books about the life and work of pioneering leprosy surgeon Dr. Paul Brand and his service to people affected by leprosy. We hope that we will be able to resume the tour one day!

Detemined Hope In DRC

To say your support and partnership in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is vital is an understatement.

The Democratic Republic of Congo had one of the worst economic declines due to COVID-19 and ongoing violence.

In this region, there are high rates of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) but awareness levels are low.

Determined Hope is needed here. We work with partners to improve the lives of people living with NTDs where everyone can access the care they deserve. Although we were limited by the pandemic this year, we continued our work to find, diagnose, and treat more people. With your help in 2020, we saw more individuals affected by NTDs living productive and healthy lives.

A Glance At 2020

An Unusual Year

2020 began with great optimism at Effect Hope. We could never have predicted the global fall-out that was coming.

We planned to help people but the pandemic lockdowns happened at an especially critical time when we implement programs with our partners. Though we were not expecting a pandemic, we were ready and equipped to support our partners. We have responded to crises in the past, and we knew what to do.

Our finances reflect the exceptional circumstances. Some of our ministry expenses have been pushed out to 2021 and beyond. This was a decision led by our delivery partners overseas. We are ready to support them.

In some of the places we work, public health systems are limited or not as resilient – 2020 has tested them. We will be there to support these systems and our partners as they strengthen capacity. We are hopeful that our impact will continue to grow as we lower costs in Canada and work with our partners overseas to implement best practices and effective programs.

We reduced our promotional costs by about half from $956k to $490k. We found better, more efficient, and effective ways to tell our story to help even more.

The whole non-profit sector saw an estimated 20-40% decline in giving this year due to the pandemic. Thanks to you, Effect Hope fared well. Our revenues were down just 10 percent this year. We also received $394K of government wage subsidies. We are grateful that our Legacy gifts were up – $1.5M in 2020 compared to $1.08M in 2019.

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Ministry Expenditures


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