Murti's Story: A cure for a family

Murti is an ordinary little girl. She loves to play with her friends, go to school and has dreams of becoming a teacher or a nurse one day. Her parents own a small plot of land and, with hard work, they manage to care for their family but there is no money for savings. When a small patch of discoloured skin appeared on her forehead, her parents wern't worried, but then the patch wouldn't go away.

Thankfully, a team of healthcare workers were visiting her village. They found her immediately. They sent Murti and her parents to the local hospital where the whole family tested positive for leprosy. 

The local hospital was not knowledgeable in treating leprosy and Murti’s condition worsened. As her hand began to claw, her parents heard about partner hospital in Naini. 

Our surgical team was able to correct the clawing of Murti’s fingers and provided the cure to the whole family. Today she is back in school and the entire family is doing well. You can support children like Murti with a Gift of Care today!