My worries for my child went away!

Six-year-old Seth is getting ready for school at his house. His mother, Comfort, adjusts his uniform, grateful he is well enough to continue his education. 

About 16 months ago, a boil appeared on Seth’s leg. It soon developed into an ulcer. Comfort put a bandage on it, but noticed it was spreading. She remembered hearing a message on the radio about Buruli ulcer, a debilitating, infectious disease that often affects the skin, and sometimes bone.

She told her husband, Joseph, who works as a pastor and carpenter. They took Seth to the local clinic for treatment, but the doctor wasn’t sure how to help him. After two weeks of visits to several different facilities, Seth was finally diagnosed with Buruli ulcer and received treatment. They travelled every two weeks for treatment at first, and eventually, every month. 

You gave Seth and his family hope. Your support helped Seth receive an early diagnosis. Without it, the disease could have caused permanent disability and a lifetime of pain. Today, he is healed and happily learning in Grade 2. 

Through your support, communities learn about neglected tropical diseases like Buruli ulcer and leprosy at street dramas, community education workshops, visiting health workers and media broadcasts. You provide an early diagnosis, surgery and treatment for xxx # of neglected tropical diseases, including post-treatment needs such as physiotherapy, prostheses, or self-care supplies. 

Comfort has used her experience to become a community advocate when she sells food at the market. “I correct people when they say Buruli ulcer can be healed with traditional medicine and I tell them the disease comes from water, especially swampy areas and the farm,” she says. 

“I was really worried when Seth had Buruli ulcer, but after he started receiving treatment, my worries went away!”