Gabriel, Nigeria

He tells us, “It was about 1988, I saw this colour reaching across my body and face, but it was small – very small.” At the time, the hospital staff were not very knowledgeable about leprosy. Though Gabriel was correctly diagnosed, he was given nothing more than a prescription – no care, no counsel and certainly no compassion.

“I was depressed and ashamed – I couldn’t go near people,” Gabriel remembers. “I wasn’t comfortable presenting myself with this condition. I felt like my dignity was diminished.”

Gabriel was injured 6 years later and the wound quickly became infected. In time, he developed an unsightly ulcer that refused to heal. Thankfully, he came to our partner hospital in Okegbala, Nigeria. 

This time, Gabriel is receiving the proper care and respect he deserves. Though the infection is serious, the doctors and nurses continue to give Gabriel hope. The road to recovery will be long and his damaged spirit needs healing, but Gabriel is in a good place.


The people of Kwara State, Nigeria live in extreme poverty. They struggle to pay the fees government hospitals charge for treatment and medication. Our team is helping people with leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, Buruli ulcer and other preventable diseases of poverty by strengthening Nigeria’s health system to diagnose and treat those in need.

Cure Someone of Leprosy

Early diagnosis and cure is the best method we currently have for leprosy affected patients. We send health workers directly to the patient to identify the disease in it's early stage and educate community members on how to self-identify. Getting treatment quickly prevents disability and long-term treatment.
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