Jean-Karel & Justelin,
Côte d'Ivoire

effect:hope invests in educating communities on the importance of being diagnosed and starting treatment immediately after noticing symptoms of any disease, like leprosy. We’re always pleased to see this in action and the resulting benefits for those who are affected.

Like brother and sister, Jean-Karel and Justelin. 

Both are happy, delightful kids. They go to school in the village and experience no stigma because they have no signs of leprosy. Both have chores like other kids and diligently fetch water, do dishes and help their mother before playing with friends. 

The children’s grandfather suffered from leprosy. Though they’re unsure how long he had the disease before he passed away, his feet were badly deformed – with scars indicative of leprosy. 

So when Justelin noticed an odd patch on her skin, the family immediately took her for help. A short time later, the same symptom appeared for Jean-Karel and again, the family sought medical care right away. 

Their grandfather expressed the importance of taking the medicine and regularly going to see the doctor to ensure the children didn’t end up with lifelong disabilities. His love for his grandchildren spared their lives from the pain and uncertainty of leprosy. Today, neither child has any signs of leprosy and they are free to live their lives dreaming of happy and fulfilling futures.

Côte d’Ivoire

Nearly half of all people in this country live below the poverty line, and more than two thirds of children require treatment for intestinal worms. Living with intestinal worms steals nutrients from children, compromising their health during a key period of their development. Our team provides deworming treatment and Vitamin A to fight malnutrition and diseases caused by malnutrition.

Early Diagnosis

Leprosy needs to be diagnosed quickly to spare patients from permanent disabilities and stigma. Your gift supports an early diagnosis and timely treatment.
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