Rani, Bangladesh

“Everybody hated me,” she says. “They would shout at me in the streets, ‘Grina! Grina!” This ridicule translates from Bengali into the English equivalent of calling Rani “the hated one.”

 Health care workers from our Rural Health Program in Bangladesh met with Rani and her family, including her husband, to explain the truth about leprosy and help them realize they had no reason to fear their daughter, sister and wife. She was not cursed, she simply had a disease that could be cured.

Thankfully, Rani was welcomed back into her home. But she recognizes the need for a community health care worker who can educate and monitor the people of her community. She and her husband now warn others of the symptoms of leprosy, and with your support, we reach this community with a health care worker specially trained in leprosy.


Poverty, lack of accessible healthcare and the deep myths of leprosy are barriers to ending this disease in Bangladesh. Our teams work with the Government of Bangladesh, partners and communities affected with leprosy to identify new cases and ensure they are treated.