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Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country, where many people are moving into cities. In cities like Dhaka, the gap between the rich and the poor is wide. Many people we serve live on less than $1 per day.

Leprosy in Bangladesh:

Regions including Dhaka, Nilphamari, and Gaibandha-Jaypurhat in Bangladesh continue to have many new leprosy cases every year. Currently, effect:hope supports partners in Bangladesh who are working with the government to increase the priority of leprosy.

People affected by leprosy mostly live in urban slums and remote areas. In those places, people have limited access to clean water and other basic needs. People with leprosy-related disabilities may also have difficulty accessing public relief services directly.

For detailed information on each of our projects, click on the images below for a program summary.

ILS-HSS Bangladesh Leprosy Field Research
  • Improves quality of leprosy services
  • Raises awareness of leprosy symptoms, effects and treatments
  • Trains government staff and health workers on leprosy
  • Works with institutions to develop positive attitudes towards leprosy in communities
  • State-of-the-art field research centre
  • 4 research projects on leprosy diagnosis and treatment
  • Works in collaboration with health workers from a Leprosy Control Program
North-west Bangladesh Ultra Poverty Initiative Project
  • Improves financial situations of people affected by leprosy
  • Improves disability prevention practices among people affected by leprosy
  • Fosters primary and secondary school enrolment among boys and girls affected by leprosy or from families with leprosy
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