Shumi used to walk on her knees

By: effect:hope

Shumi suffered the symptoms of leprosy early in childhood, but her family didn’t know she had the disease. When she was diagnosed at 10 years old, the only treatment she received was from a village shaman in Bangladesh, which didn’t improve her condition at all. Shumi’s family did not allow her to live in their home, instead she stayed in a shack outside.  Nobody took care of her, and she developed permanent deformities. 

Then in November 2017, one of our health workers found Shumi while going “door-to-door,” looking for people with disabilities. 

After talking with Shumi and her family, we were able to admit Shumi to a local hospital in June 2018 for one month of treatment and care. Shumi learned to use a wheelchair so she could move around easily and look after herself. Up to that point, she had gotten used to walking around on her knees. By August, Shumi was strong enough to leave the hospital. 

Today, Shumi is doing well and has a restored relationship with her family. Shumi attends a self-help group in her village, supported by effect:hope. The groups not only encourage community, but teach self-care techniques and proper sanitation practices to prevent worsening conditions.