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By: effect:hope

Shyam Pratup lives with his wife, Jalsa, and their three children. He works as a farmer, cultivating rice and wheat to provide for his family and send his kids to school.

Two years ago, he developed a hydrocele, swelling in the pelvic region from lymphatic filariasis, a neglected tropical disease. Initially the swelling was small, but then grew to the size of a tomato. It became difficult for him to work and he wondered how he would provide for his family.

“I worried quite a bit and hoped it would go away on its own,” he says. Thankfully, others in his village who had the same thing referred him to our program. He had an operation a year ago and is now cured. 

“Fourteen people from my village have had operations now,” says Shyam. “I am so grateful to effect:hope supporters, and I hope they can continue this work so more people can be operated on.”

In the evening, Shyam's children join their father on the field after school. They seem very happy and close together, and smile and laugh a lot. Shyam spends almost half the year sleeping on a raised platform next to his field so he can look after his field properly, and ensure no animals or birds come and ruin the crop at vulnerable times.

(Photo: Tom Bradley)