A transformative step out of poverty

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Pauline and her husband Jean-Claude live in a remote village in Côte d'Ivoire with their daughter, Paule. Two years ago, Pauline and her husband began noticing that their was something going on with their daughter, Paule. She was not growing and in fact was smaller than other children in her age-group. Pauline started keeping a close eye on their daughter and soon noticed that Paule was acting listless and her skin was starting to look shiny and hair was becoming more and more brittle. Pauline and her husband were worried about their little girl.

They decided to take her to the hospital about 15 miles from their village. The doctor examined Paule and told them that their daughter was anemic and that she suffered from a deficiency in vitamins. The doctor told them that from a physical development perspective, Paule was at 60% compared to other kids in her age-range and that was likely due to intestinal worms. As if that wasn’t enough, Paule was also diagnosed with malaria at the same time. Pauline was heartbroken and blamed herself for not being able to take good care of her daughter. 

Paule was admitted to the hospital and Pauline decided to stay with her daughter. Paule and Pauline ended up staying in the hospital for three weeks while Paule received treatment for malaria, and vitamins and deworming treatment through the Every Child Thrives program to rebuild her strength. Thankfully, Paule recovered fully with no lasting effects.

The Every Child Thrives program provides combined deworming treatment and vitamin A supplementation to girls and boys under 5 years to ensure that all children, including those with disabilities, receive this critical treatment. Both mothers and fathers are encouraged to get involved in their children’s health and share the responsibility of making sure their sons and daughters get the treatment every 6 months.   

“Since this experience, we do our best to include vegetables and fruits in our children’s diet,” says Jean-Claude, Paule’s father. “I also advise neighbours to participate in Every Child Thrives campaigns, where children like Paule receive deworming treatment and vitamin A to ensure a healthy start in life.”

You invested in the Every Child Thrives program and changed Paule’s life for good. Thank you!

Some key figures: 

  • More than two thirds of children in Côte d’Ivoire require treatment for intestinal worms
  • 24% of preschool children have a vitamin A deficiency
  • 21% of preschool children are stunted in growth and 13% are underweight
  • Malnutrition increases the severity of diseases, accounting for more than a third of child mortality

Thanks to you, Paule is now attending school which is the first step out of systemic poverty. Your generosity helps children like Paule to break the cycle of poverty and not only change the trajectory of their lives, but those of future generations as well. Thank You!

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