A grandfather's legacy of love and care

Justelin noticed a lesion on her skin when she was 12 years old. It was a small aberration that another child might have missed. But she noticed. 


She went to her local village clinic and was diagnosed with leprosy. She received timely treatment and care.


Justelin’s story could have turned out differently, but her grandfather was well aware of leprosy. He suffered from the disease for years and had permanent damage to his feet. He carried the long-term effects of a late diagnosis and didn’t want the same for Justelin. He made sure that his granddaughter received the needed medicine so that her life wouldn’t have any lasting signs of leprosy the way his did. 


We still don’t know how leprosy spreads, but three months later, Justelin’s younger brother, Jean-Karel, noticed a lesion on his skin. And once again, the grandfather acted quickly and took his grandson to get help. Jean-Karel was diagnosed with leprosy and treated immediately.


Thanks to effect:hope supporters, people in communities around the world are being made aware of leprosy and can access immediate treatment so they don’t have to live with permanent physical damage. 


Justelin and Jean-Karel were able to return to school, spend time with friends and continue helping their family with chores. 


Their grandfather has since passed away, but the love and care he showed his grandchildren will continue to go on. Through his legacy, Justelin and Jean-Karel will walk through life healthy and physically whole. 


For now, tomorrow, and generations to come… thank you for your support.