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New project in India

A new project was launched on April 1, 2017, for the integrated disease management of both leprosy and Lymphatic filariasis (LF)

Location: Panna District, Madhya Pradesh State, India


Leprosy focus:

  • An estimated 2,000 people will be diagnosed with leprosy in the Panna District in 2017, of which 10% (200) are children.
  • Evidence shows that 46% of leprosy cases will be caught early before disability sets in, and requiring just 6 months of multi-drug treatment (the cure for leprosy). An expected 54% of the diagnoses leprosy cases will be caught in later stages and will require both 12 full months of multi-drug treatment and surgery to correct or mitigate disabilities.

Lymphatic filariasis focus:

An estimated 3000 cases of LF will be diagnosed in Panna District this year. A survey will be undertaken in order to project the level of disability, and of surgeries required.

Health workers will:

  • Administer medications and monitor patient progress daily for 6 to 12 months – depending on severity of disease
  • Facilitate patient and family self-help groups to decrease stigma and to teach self-care of disease symptoms
  • Increase community awareness of these diseases and improve sanitation for better disease control
  • Train health workers to increase knowledge and improve coverage in isolated and underserved areas of Madhya Pradesh State


With the generous support of caring Canadians, effect:hope expects to see a decrease in leprosy and LF disabilities in this state, as well as to see improved community and family acceptance of people affected by leprosy and LF.

Training of health care workers and public education will also result in an increased awareness that these diseases are curable. An additional benefit will be access to trained health care worker for all residents in impoverished, isolated and under-served communities.

Thank you for remembering the forgotten – we cherish your prayer support as we seek to reach isolated families living with the burden of leprosy or LF.