Christmas Giving Catalogue 2022

How Does Our Gift Catalogue Work?

Our gift catalogue works the same as many online stores. Simply add the gifts you would like to donate to your cart, and when you’re all done head to your checkout to finalize your donation. If you have any questions please reach out to us at

Our Most Popular Gifts

Eye Surgery


Give the gift of sight! Nerve damage caused by leprosy can lead to permanent blindness. Your gift pays for life-changing reconstructive surgery to restore sight for one person. Restoration of sight is more than just the ability to see. It prevents being dependent on others for basic self-care. It enables independence. It restores dignity.

Leprosy Cure & Care


People living with leprosy experience serious symptoms and complications. With your help, we can prevent serious infections and disability.

Your gift of any amount will help take a person from early detection and diagnosis, to treatment, mobility devices and ongoing care.

Early Diagnosis & Treatment


The effects of leprosy get worse the longer it goes undetected. The result is the growth of more severe scars, permanent disability and shame. You can provide laboratory services to help with early detection, medical treatment and programs that help patients to recover before the disability.

Treatments provide important ongoing emotional support to help patients deal with any psychological pain. Give the gift of health!

Equal Healthcare


In many countries, boys have better access to healthcare than girls. A gift of healthcare equity helps ensure that the healthcare of girls and women is a priority. Healthy girls become strong women who help break the cycle of poverty in their community.

Give A Gift Of WASH

WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. WASH training is essential for healthcare providers.

Your investment in WASH training will help healthcare providers reinforce good hygiene practices that protect against diseases and reduce the spread of infections.

You can also help people with damaged feet keep walking. People with disease-damaged feet need to soak, scrub and oil their feet every day. This simple twice-a-day task ensures that people with leprosy maintain their ability to walk.

WASH Training & Supplies


Foot Washing Kit


Your gift of protective sandals can prevent a lifetime of disability.

Protective Footwear


Leprosy causes nerve damage, and sufferers can’t feel when their feet have been cut or scraped. This often results in an infection, which can become severe and lead to amputation.

On average, each person will need two new pairs of shoes per year, due to wear and tear. Give the gift of mobility to a person affected by leprosy. Each gift of $27 will pay for 1 pair of customized shoes for a person affected by leprosy

Support a Shoemaker


People affected by leprosy require special shoes that are not available at stores and must be custom-made. Shoemakers play a vital role in the care of a person recovering from leprosy. Without these shoes, the person may injure their feet and require additional medical treatment. Help provide essential support to shoemakers, who are crucial in the healing process.

Small Gifts. Massive Impact.

Gifts such as antibiotic medicine and bandages are essential for helping those with leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases fight and prevent any further infection.

Essential Medicine




Give the Gift of Life Changing Surgery

Hand or Foot Surgery

When a person with leprosy loses the use of a hand or foot, it’s difficult for them to care for themselves and their families. It may also become a barrier to earning a living and plunge them into extreme poverty. Your gift offers a second chance for them to live a healthy and productive life.


Other Life Changing Medical Gifts

Below-The-Knee Prosthesis

Delayed diagnosis and treatment often lead to severe infections that require amputation. A prosthesis gives a person the capacity to regain mobility and independence. They will more easily integrate into community activities and regain their dignity.


Surgical Supplies


Healthcare Worker Training




Outreach Clinics


Buruli Ulcer Care for
Children and Adults


Lymphatic Filariasis Care


Give a Gift of a Dignified Income

Curing leprosy is only the first step to helping people thrive.

Support a small business and help break the cycle of systemic poverty. Your gift provides a safe and dignified way for recovering leprosy patients to earn a living.

The need for support is especially important for widows and single mothers, who have no other way to provide for their families.

Support A Small Business


Overcome Poverty with the Gift of Education

Educating a child is one of the most effective ways to invest in their future success. Good quality education is the first step out of systemic poverty. Your gift provides comprehensive support to young students affected by leprosy so they can stay in school.

This gift covers two uniforms, a school bag, books, and stationery.

Educate A Child


You can also give individual gifts of education

Provide Tuition


School Supplies


Pencil Kit




The long-term effects of living with a disease like leprosy are more than just physical

. Men, women and children face discrimination and social stigma that makes it painful to participate in community activities, including work and school.

Your support can help provide counseling and awareness sessions to break down myths and increase the social acceptance of people affected by painful diseases.

Mental Health Support for People Affected by Leprosy and Other Neglected Tropical Diseases


Give The Gift of Knowledge

Fund Ground-Breaking Research


Invest in ground-breaking research to understand how leprosy spreads and combat the disease more effectively on location. With your help, we can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reach of our programs and we can improve health outcomes.

As a result, people affected by leprosy will be better supported as they heal from the physical and emotional pain of the disease.

Educate Community Members and School Children About Leprosy


Educating community members and school children about the effects of leprosy helps eliminate myths and reduce social stigma. Your gift will help provide educational sessions to community members and school children about disease prevention, early detection, care, and the importance of treating affected people with respect and kindness.