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No person neglected – No community too far

Canadians businesses are amongst the most prosperous and generous in the world. Family businesses, corporations, and their employees, in partnership with the team at effect:hope, are making a significant and positive impact for children and families whose lives are severely disabled by neglected tropical diseases like leprosy and Buruli ulcer.

365 days a year, in the world’s most remote and forgotten communities, the support of Canadian businesses is helping to cure and restore hope for good health, an education, and economic independence for thousands of people. We invite you, and your employees, to join our mission to free people from neglected tropical diseases that isolate and impoverish.

Make a cash donation

Your donation immediately goes to work to provide healing, care, and job opportunities that enable individuals with a neglected tropical disease to access the critical care they need to restore health and hope for economic independence.

Match the gift of others

Canadians are even more motivated to give when their gifts are matched! Help to increase the impact Canadians are having in the world by matching the gifts of others. This is one of the most effective ways to increase overall giving and engage others in a cause. We’ll work with you to design the perfect match. You can open it to all Canadians or as an exclusive offering for your employees.

Employee engagement programs

Employees feel motivated, grateful and a sense of unity when they are involved in a meaningful cause with the support of their employer. We’ll work directly with your team to design a specific employee engagement package that meets your objectives and rewards your corporate social responsibility.

Point of Sale (POS) Programs

Let us help you create a POS program that will engage your customers and employees. POS programs are cost-effective, easy to execute and shows your customers your commitment to help people who are too often forgotten and ignored. Your program can be long or short-term and we will provide a promotional kit to create an engaging visual display.

Join us in the fight to end Neglected Tropical Diseases and stop the suffering they cause for the world’s most marginalized people.

I’m looking forward to helping you get started today!

Deb Hopper
Senior Development Officer
1-888-537-7679 ext. 2036

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