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Leprosy Cure & Care

Accurate and early detection of leprosy is the best way to prevent negative long-term health and social complications. However, people too often spend years of their life misdiagnosed, sometimes spending fortunes on ineffective treatments. At this point, the disease has begun to destroy the body’s nervous system and most of the damage can never be repaired.

However, a cure and care is so much more than medicine and surgeries. It is care of the whole person’s wellbeing. Below is a list of what a cure and care entails for a person suffering with leprosy.

Detection and Diagnosis
Staff and trained community volunteers refer suspected cases to clinics and hospitals for testing and proper diagnosis.

Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT)
A blend of drugs that kills all known strains of leprosy bacteria. Patients receive MDT for 6 months to two years.

Repairs tissue damage, foot-drop, clawed hands and can restore eyelid function.

Massage and physiotherapy can help restore use of hands and feet.

Patients learn how to protect their health, as leprosy leaves people vulnerable to infection and loss of limb.

Feeling can never be restored to hands and feet, leprosy-recovered people learn to soak their feet, and oil their skin regularly to keep it soft. They will check daily for wounds.

Community and Family Restoration
Where necessary, staff work with community leaders and family members to reduce stigma and repair relationships.

Life Skills
Through skill-development, vocational training and/or promotion of patient self-determination through micro-financing, self-help and self-care groups, many affected by leprosy are able to build a normal life post-cure.