We are now able to offer you the option of donating to us via Interact e-Transfer!

Giving via e-Transfer allows for us to bypass costly processing fees, ensuring more of your donation is used to help those we support.

To give by e-Transfer please send your donation to giving@effecthope.org (no security question required).

In order for us to  issue you a tax receipt, we require the following information.

  • Full Legal Name
  • Address, Including Postal Code 
  • Phone Number

You can fill out the form on this page OR fill out the notes/comments section of your e-Transfer to provide us with this information.


What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can give?

There is no minimum amount. However, only gifts over $10 will be issued a tax receipt.  There is no maximum amount you can give, but most banks have a cap on how much you can e-Transfer per day. Please check with your bank directly for more information.

When will I get my tax receipt?

Tax receipts for e-Transfers will be mailed at the end of each year.

Is there a cost to sending my donation via E-Transfer?

There may be a fee from your financial institution for sending an e-Transfer. Please check with your bank directly for more information. To learn more about Interac e-Transfer, check out their FAQ page.

How will I know if my donation was received?

Upon receiving your donation, we will send a confirmation email to you if the necessary contact information was provided.