Every Child Thrives

  • More than two thirds of children in Côte d’Ivoire require treatment for intestinal worms
  • In Côte d’Ivoire and Kenya, nearly 60% of children have a vitamin A deficiency
  • Nearly half of all people in Côte d’Ivoire and Kenya live below the poverty line
  • Over half of all rural areas have no access to clean water

Poverty and a lack of healthcare services leave children vulnerable to ringworm, hookworm and whipworm. The water is polluted by poor sanitation. The soil is often contaminated with dangerous worms. The infected soil also transports disease into the water, where the families bathe and drink.

The government manages deworming treatments for children in school as it is cost-effective, but preschool children under the age of 5 are ignored and missed.

Yet it is critical that preschool children are treated. If not, they are susceptible to infection that can stunt their growth, lead to blindness and even death. effect:hope’s Every Child Thrives trains and sends out healthcare workers to provide deworming treatment and Vitamin A supplementation to children under the age of 5, giving them their best chance of being healthy when they're ready to go to school.

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