Neglected no more - because I matter.


effect:hope plans to eliminate leprosy through the Domains of Change – building blocks to create lasting, positive change. Through these domains, we join hands with people around the world to see leprosy eliminated; hope restored.

The four domains come together to form a plan of action. At the centre, is the goal: Zero people affected by leprosy.

The domains tackle the need of care for people today, while creating pathways for a hopeful future.

Advocacy means spreading the word, and building important relationships with government and other organizations to make positive, lasting change. It is so important to raise awareness about leprosy.

The journey to hope begins with restored physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Service delivery covers all of the needs a person affected by leprosy has on their journey. From diagnosis to full participation in a welcoming community, through this domain, lives are changed every day.

Anyone, anywhere should have access to diagnosis and treatment for leprosy and related conditions. Strengthening Health Systems improves one or more features of the project country health system. Working to improve access to good, efficient care changes the lives of so many.

Leprosy has been around for millennia and even though we have a drug therapy that treats the disease, hundreds of thousands of people continue to be diagnosed each year. There are millions alive today that live with disability, poverty and isolation because of leprosy. Understanding how leprosy is transmitted may be a key game-changer. Knowing how a disease is passed on is critical for preventing the spread of it.

Definition: Elimination or Ending Leprosy means ZERO people affected by leprosy. No people with the disease or disabilities and stigma as a result of leprosy. It is at the core of who we are and what we do.


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