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Work in advocacy is just beginning. Advocacy means spreading the word, and building important relationships with government and other organizations to make positive, lasting change. It is so important to raise awareness about leprosy. In 2013, we began laying the foundation for national and global advocacy initiatives.


In Canada:

  • Awareness-raising: When Canadians call for action against leprosy or other Neglected Tropical Diseases, the government takes note.
  • Help from Key Voices and Leaders: Engaging key Canadian influencers, funders and policymakers to take action against Neglected Tropical Diseases.

In the Project Country:

  • Speaking-up for Inclusive Policies and Programs
  • Lobbying for the mainstreaming of leprosy and disability issues in key policy and program development

Around the World:

  • Stronger Together: Building partnerships with organizations working to end diseases of poverty, global organizations like the World Health Organization, and important funders like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we can make sure that leprosy remains on the global health agenda along with other diseases that affect the bottom billion.

Read about the global movement to end leprosy:

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