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:service delivery

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The journey to hope begins with restored physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Service delivery meets the needs of care for a person with leprosy and their community. Through this domain, lives are changed every day.

Service Delivery is about meeting the urgent need for cure, care and education today. Communities learn about the signs, symptoms and treatment of the disease to promote early detection and to reduce stigma.

Staff diagnose, treat, counsel, and offer education and tools for self-care and self-help to those affected, their families, and wider community.


  • Diagnosis of leprosy
  • Distribution of Multi-Drug Therapy*
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Supplying assistive devices like special shoes, prosthetic limbs, mobility aids
  • Paramedical services like occupational and physiotherapy and counselling
  • Community self-care groups for prevention of disability
  • Vocational Training
  • Family and Community re-integration counselling
  • Micro-financing initiatives

*Multi-Drug Therapy is generously provided free-of-charge thanks to a partnership of The Novartis Foundation and The World Health Organization.