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:strengthening health systems

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Anyone, anywhere should have access to diagnosis and treatment for leprosy and related conditions. Strengthening Health Systems improves one or more features of the project country health system. Working to improve access to good, efficient care changes the lives of so many.

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From mobile health, to national leprosy strategies to improved curriculum, we work with partners to build a better future for those with leprosy and beyond. A person’s address should not prevent them from receiving the care they need. We can’t be everywhere, but we can offer support to help build stronger health systems.

A core element of this domain is collaboration. We work with global partners and national governments to make improvements.

In Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana people are falling through the cracks. Disability from leprosy and a related disease, Buruli Ulcer are extremely high. People are missing out on quick diagnosis because of lack of access to a trained and qualified health-care provider. We are part of a team that works with the national governments of those countries to implement a new plan. Let’s make sure that regardless of address, people in those countries have access to a knowledgeable health worker who can diagnose and treat Buruli Ulcer and leprosy.