Neglected no more - because I matter.

Our Impact

Every person is precious and every person belongs, and we work within hard-to-reach and marginalized communities to make that a reality. Together with supporters, staff, and partners on the ground, we work to ensure that people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases can access treatment and heal with the support of their loved ones.

For more than a century, caring Canadians have made effect:hope their partner to help those suffering from these diseases of poverty that impoverish and isolate. Here are some things we accomplished together in 2015:

We restored health in neglected people

6831 people received surgery or follow-up leprosy treatments

5705 people received tools for self-care

3716 people received assistive devices

Give a gift of hand/foot surgery

We protected neglected people

6312 people learned to recognize leprosy

5657 health workers trained in leprosy

2719 family & community members trained in care

Empower a Community Champion

We transformed neglected communities

815 children with leprosy/disabilities sent to school

323 people received training and support to earn a living

252 self-advocacy groups established for support

Help a child go to school
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