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Leprosy Field Research Bangladesh

Leprosy Field Research Bangladesh (LFRB) is a cutting-edge research centre in northern Bangladesh. With the help of local leprosy programs’ participants, LFRB researchers are able to conduct research using real, up-to-date data from the field.

There is still a lot we do not know about leprosy.

Research Projects

  1. MALTALEP: Preventing leprosy in contacts of new cases
  2. IDEAL: Diagnosing leprosy and disease distribution
  3. TENLEP: Treatments for nerve damage and inflammation
  4. 6 MONTH MDT: Shorter regimen for MB leprosy strain
  5. COCOA: New cases among contacts over years

LFRB funds research projects that aim to improve leprosy diagnosis, prevention, nerve treatments, and drug regimens. People with leprosy are referred to local hospitals to receive treatment, where they agree to speak with researchers about their symptoms.

It is with the help of our donors and the people living with leprosy that researchers are able to make great advances on the frontlines of leprosy research.

Project Activities

  • Support government health clinics to provide necessary treatment and assistive devices for people affected by leprosy
  • Advocate for building community awareness of leprosy to improve case referrals in affected populations
  • Support staff in their research with training, workshops, and maintaining good records of collected field data

2016 Funding need: $165,025
to benefit 889,668 people

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