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North-West Bangladesh Ultra Poverty Initiative Project

It’s common to earn less than $2 a day when you have leprosy in rural Bangladesh, even if you’re cured.

Leprosy causes significant nerve damage to people’s hands, legs, feet, and even eyes. Although leprosy can be cured, cases are often found too late or hidden too long for fear of stigma. By then, the disease has already deformed their bodies, scarred them emotionally, and claimed their mobility.

Living is nearly impossible.

They have no support. Food is always scarce. It is hard to find work because of their disabilities and the isolating stigma and rejection by family and community.

In rural regions of Bangladesh, people have limited access to health services. Children whose parents have leprosy are often left starving.

Project Activities

  • Equip men and women with skills to earn a livelihood
  • Provide access to school for children affected by leprosy
  • Teach people with leprosy how to prevent and care for disabilities
  • Provide housing development and repairs and mobility aids for those in need
  • Support communities to ensure inclusion for those with leprosy
  • Plan to incorporate patients suffering with Lymphatic Filariasis into program by the end of 2016

2016 Funding Need: $104,199 to benefit 10,458 people.

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