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Canada: R2STOP (Research to stop Neglected Tropical Diseases transmission)

There is still a lot we don’t know about leprosy.

Leprosy continues to be a problem that haunts many regions in the world, such as India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. While there are control programs and leprosy hospitals to help people affected by leprosy, they are restricted by the limited knowledge we have.

To better help the people affected by leprosy, there needs to be a breakthrough in research.

effect:hope and launched the R2STOP initiative in 2015. The first research agenda of R2STOP will focus on leprosy transmission. With new knowledge of how leprosy is transmitted and how the bacterium moves through the environment, we can develop better programs to help endemic communities.

R2STOP will fund qualified projects up to $100,000 each year for a maximum of 3 years.

Research Priorities

  • How leprosy is transmitted between humans
  • Animal carriers of the bacterium that causes leprosy
  • How a person’s body interacts with the leprosy bacterium
  • Transmission networks of the environment and communities

Once the first research agenda is concluded, R2STOP will continue to fund projects on other neglected tropical diseases transmission. The goal is that with more knowledge, we can improve the prevention of these diseases.

2016 Funding Need: $500,000

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Researchers can better understand leprosy transmission and contribute to improving diagnosis to benefit endemic communities. They just need your support.