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Côte d’Ivoire Buruli Ulcer and Leprosy Integration Project

Côte d’Ivoire has one of the highest burdens of Buruli ulcer (BU) globally—50% of all affected people live there. Leprosy, another neglected tropical disease, also affects many people in the country. This project operates in the rural areas of Cote d’Ivoire, where there is limited access to health facilities.

Early detection of both diseases is vital to restoration to full health.

Late detection of either disease will lead to physical deformities and permanent disabilities, such as foot ulcers or blindness. Most people farm for a living in rural areas. When Leprosy or BU disable them, it damages their ability to make a living and to provide for their children. Kids have to drop out of school and often go starving.

It is vital to raise awareness in communities to be aware of both diseases will also help them avoid a life of despair. Ensuring that health workers are all appropriately trained to recognize leprosy and BU at their early stages is also critical.

Project Activities

  • Raise awareness of Leprosy and BU through radio broadcasts
  • Organize community outreaches for case detection
  • Training staff to collect disease data for research
  • Help people with Leprosy/BU for follow-up visits to health clinics to ensure full restoration of health
  • Educational support for children affected by Leprosy/BU

2016 Funding need: $110,000
to benefit 503,817 people

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People with Leprosy/BU can regain their health and live full lives. They just need your love and help.