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India: Restoring Lives of Forgotten People

Some regions in India are endemic for Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) and leprosy. These two diseases are treatable, but if found too late, they can cause irreversible disability. People disabled by LF and leprosy suffer with physical deformities, limited mobility, and an inability to work and provide for their families.

People with LF and leprosy often only have their disease as a companion.

Because of the intense stigma that sufferers often face, many are afraid to speak up about their disease, leading to irreversible damage. As a result, many people will live with their disease for years before getting help.

It’s also important that they know how to take care of their disabilities so they don’t worsen—but many lack the skills.

Project Activities

  • Treatment and surgery for people with LF and leprosy to restore them to full health
  • Self-care training for people affected by LF and leprosy to prevent and manage disabilities
  • Establishing self-support groups to build stronger communities
  • Training health workers and community staff in LF and leprosy for faster, and better diagnosis and referral
  • Raising awareness of the diseases in communities

Brijnandan’s family doesn’t let him play with his grandkids.

He has been suffering from LF for 10 years. His wife and children don’t want to come near him, and don’t let him touch his grandchildren. With his painfully swollen leg, he lives in a small shack off the side of the nice brick home that his family lives in….

Continue reading Brijnandan’s story on Vol.1 Issue 7 of the effect:hope Newsletter.

2016 Funding need: $100,000 to benefit 120,000 people

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People affected by LF and leprosy can live healthy lives—they just need the lifelong impact of your help.