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India: Premananda Memorial Hospital, Kolkata

Leprosy continues to be a big problem in many regions in India. However, because of stigma and a lack of expertise in the health care system, many people can’t receive needed help

The Premananda Memorial Hospital in Kolkata offers top-quality treatment for leprosy and social programming for those in need.

Premananda Memorial Hospital is a part of the referral system in the National Leprosy Eradication Program in India. Patients receive excellent care from a range of specialized doctors and physiotherapists who will treat the consequences of leprosy such as nerve damage and blindness.

The hospital also supports people affected by leprosy with social programming and community-based rehabilitation. The programs help them remain an important part of their community and family.

Gauri was known as “the leprosy patient”.

When news spread that Gauri had leprosy, she was made to sit by herself in the classroom in a corner Everywhere she walked, she felt pointing fingers at her back. 

Gauri’s life changed after the “Catch them Young” program at the Premananda Memorial Hospital. She received treatment and she watched her patches disappear one by one until she was fully cured.

“That’s okay, no problem,” said her friend when Gauri confessed that she used to have leprosy. With our help, Gauri transferred to a school where the community was more accepting. 

Gauri loves going to school now and has big dreams. Inspired by her experience, she hopes to become a doctor to help the poor and marginalized.

Project Activities

  • Providing reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy for those in need
  • Helping those with disabilities regain mobility with assistive aids like prosthetic limbs and walking aids
  • Raising awareness of leprosy in communities, helping children through campaigns like “Catch them Young”
  • Training health and government workers in leprosy

2016 Funding Need: $72,000 to benefit 6,694 people.

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