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India: The Leprosy Mission Community Hospital Naini

The leprosy prevalence rate is almost 5x higher in Naini than other regions in India. Many people are affected by leprosy and live with the negative physical and social impacts of the disease. Sadly, they are often turned away due to their physical deformities and a lack of financial means at many hospitals.

The Leprosy Mission Community Hospital Naini accepts all patients without discrimination.

TLM Naini welcomes everyone. With its diverse range of facilities, the hospital ensures that all people affected by leprosy can receive appropriate treatment and care.

This project supports the hospital so that people affected by leprosy in the surrounding community can receive the compassionate and affordable health care that they deserve.

“Please, please cut off my leg. It causes me fevers, it’s ugly and the bandages smell.”

Nirma was just 6 years old when she was diagnosed with leprosy. She first developed a sore on her foot that refused to heal. Without protection on her feet, irreparable damage was caused to her foot.

The doctor said Nirma had leprosy.

Nirma was with the doctor for a long time and he saw her as a cherished daughter – full of life, laughter, and mischievousness. So when Nirma came to him in tears begging to cut off her leg, it broke his heart. Imagine, this young girl whose life was barely beginning – begging to lose her leg.
Nirma was given the best possible treatment, but sadly, her leg was amputated.

Project Activities

  • Providing assistive devices such as footwear, prosthetic limbs, and walking aids for people in need
  • Providing surgery, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy for people affected by leprosy and disabilities
  • Train health and government workers in leprosy care
  • Raise awareness of leprosy in communities with campaigns

2016 Funding Need: $490,847 to benefit 86,882 people.

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People affected by leprosy can live healthy lives—they just need the lifelong impact of your help.