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Nigeria: Integrated NTD Control Project

In Kwara State, water resources are scarce and often not sanitized appropriately before use. Unclean water is often tied to fast transmission of certain diseases, especially some neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This makes people who live in rural and remote areas vulnerable to these diseases.

The lack of a strong NTD control program has led to an increased risk of transmission along with disease morbidity and mortality in Kwara State.

This project will focus on strengthening the health system to adopt an integrated disease control approach with NTDs that are endemic in the region. There is a strong focus on integrating leprosy and Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) disease management in the beginning of this project.

Project Activities

  • Identify and treat new cases of leprosy/LF
  • Train health workers on NTDs and stigma
  • Establish self-help groups in communities to increase self-care practices
  • Provide community workshops on water sanitation and hygienic practices to reduce disease risk

2016 Funding Need: $131,250

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People in Kwara State can be protected from the devastating impacts of NTDs. They just need the life-changing impact of your help.