This Father’s Day, honour a man in your life by supporting one in need.

There are thousands of fathers who are struggling to care for their families because of leprosy. Dads like Kālu.

Kālu is doing all he can to provide for his family.

Kālu and his wife Tania live with the effects of leprosy. 

Tania’s feet were amputated, and she has badly damaged hands because of leprosy. Kālu spends 12 hours a day pulling a cycle rickshaw to support his family despite having his own leprosy-related disability

Even though he works all day, he only brings home about $5 daily. He relies on help from his parents.

Both Kalu and Tania fight for their daughter, Zannat, to attend school. Kālu is motivated to work long hours to help achieve this goal. Unfortunately, he has limited financial opportunities because of his disabilities and the stigma and discrimination people affected by leprosy face.

You can help dads like Kālu who need your support – will you help them and honour a man in your life this Father’s Day?