Neglected no more - because I matter.

We are committed to serving – even in those regions that are neglected and forgotten by others. Without your help, we cannot bring the cure for leprosy and other diseases that can be cured with the right treatment.

The Democratic Republic of Congo desperately needs:

  1. Training for healthcare workers to recognize leprosy and other preventable diseases.
  2. Each team equipped to treat the disease immediately.
  3. A way to show the children, women and men who have the disease how to care for their skin so they do not develop deep ulcers.
  4. Teaching for the community about health – clean water, sanitation and simple handwashing help prevent disease.

Your gift today of:

  • $120 provides 1 day of health care
  • $840 provides 7 days of health care
  • $3,600 provides a full month of health care