Get Involved

We have many different ways you can join the fight against leprosy and other diseases of poverty. Whether you want to help from home or reach out to your community, read on for opportunities for all ages and walks of life.

Hope Doll Knitters

Hope dolls are sent to children affected by leprosy and other diseases of poverty. The dolls are a symbol of hope for the future and a reminder to children that someone in Canada cares. Help us knit Hope Dolls and provide comfort to children in need. 


World Leprosy Day 

Every year, on the last Sunday of January, people around the world participate in World Leprosy Day. We take a moment to pray for those living with leprosy. We also take that day to raise awareness about leprosy. Most Canadians believe leprosy is completely cured. World Leprosy is a chance to dispel that myth.

When your church, Bible study group, youth group or community group signs up for World Leprosy Day, effect:hope will send you a complete package of materials, including more information about leprosy, donation forms and a video. 



Sign up for our bi-monthly Prayer Update to support effect:hope and its partner countries in prayer. You can also join our effect:hope Facebook Live Prayer Group, where we carry each other’s burdens and host a monthly Facebook Live Prayer Session.


Become an Advocate

Share the story of people living with diseases of poverty. You can do this by hosting teas with your friends, speaking at church or with your social club, or writing support letters.


Corporate Partners

Learn how your company can partner with effect:hope to change lives.


Volunteer at Our Office in Markham

Whether you’re an administrative expert, thrive on interacting with people, or love sharing the life-changing work of effect:hope with others, there are volunteer opportunities waiting for you!



Stamp out leprosy!

Do you receive a lot of mail? Or can you collect mailed envelopes from your friends or church group? If so, the Stamp program is perfect for you. All you have to do is cut the stamp from the envelope and send it to us. These stamps are sold to collectors and the money is used to cure and care for people with leprosy. Last year our Stamp Supporters helped cure over 60 people with leprosy!

Ready to Stamp Out Leprosy? If you're ready to start collecting, you can download our Stamp Out Leprosy brochure.