Get Involved

We have many different ways you can champion hope. Whether you want to help from home or reach out to your community, there are ways for everyone to get involved in the movement to ending neglected tropical diseases like leprosy.


Sign-up for our bi-monthly Prayer Update to support people living with neglected tropical diseases, our work, and our partners through prayer. You can also join our Effect Hope Facebook Live Prayer Group, where we carry each other’s burdens and host a monthly Facebook Live Prayer Session.

Become An Advocate

Advocate for those who need it most by signing petitions and sharing them on your social media accounts.

World Leprosy Day

Every year, on the last Sunday of January, people around the world participate in World Leprosy Day. On this day, we remember and pray for those negatively affected by leprosy.  We also use World Leprosy Day as an opportunity  to raise awareness about leprosy. Many Canadians believe leprosy wass an ancient disease that was eradicated long ago. World Leprosy Day helps to dispel that myth.