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Get involved in educating yourself and others about leprosy

You can empower schools, churches and other community organizations to learn about leprosy. With greater public awareness, the chances of ending this disease are much greater. Think of the difference you could make.

Facilitate a program in your community

Inspire others to help children and adults affected by leprosy through education initiatives. If you don’t find anything that matches your gifts, we are open to suggestions. Please contact us.

Umbrella Girl Answering the Call
Umbrella Girl
Ideal for children ages 5-8, Umbrella Girl is a complete Sunday School curriculum including a DVD, a craft and games.
Download the storybook. For the complete curriculum, contact Lynda Scott at or 1-888-537-7679, ext. 2011.
Answering the Call
Answering the Call is a curriculum endorsed by the Catholic Curriculum Corporation that enables elementary and secondary students to answer Christ’s call to care for those affected by leprosy.
Visit the Answering the Call website.