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Ghana is a country with a young population. This country has the second highest rate of Buruli ulcer globally, along with several hundred new leprosy cases a year.

Buruli ulcer and Leprosy in Ghana:

Many individuals are left vulnerable to these neglected tropical diseases. However, people affected by Buruli ulcer and leprosy are often unable to access quality treatments and aftercare.

To address the need, the Brong Ahato Integrated Buruli Ulcer and Leprosy Control Project operates in a rural region in south Ghana, where there are 19 districts and approximately 2.3 million residents.

Buruli ulcer and leprosy can be controlled with the same strategy. By integrating the management of both Buruli ulcer and leprosy, the delay caused by multiple visits/referrals and incomplete medical records is eliminated.

For detailed information on this project, click on the image below for a PDF of the program summary.

Brong-Ahafo Integration Project
  • Trains health workers to recognize diseases in early stages
  • Improves ability of health workers to prevent and control health complications and disabilities
  • Strengthens relationships with local partners
  • Integrated health systems eliminate the need for multiple visits
  • Having all health experts at one central local health clinic ensures the patient can be appropriately referred quickly