People living in remote locations often have limited access to healthcare. We can empower these communities by spreading awareness about neglected diseases, increasing access to healthcare, and supporting education and small businesses to break cycles of poverty.

Support a Small Business to Restore Livelihoods

Often, people recovering from disease and disability need to find a new way to earn a living. A small business is a great option for people who need a fresh start.

When you invest in a small business, you break the cycle of poverty, and bring new hope to future generations.


Support A Small Business

Small businesses often need to buy supplies, repair equipment, or even purchase new tools. Your gift will support an existing small business, to continue providing an income for the family.


Support A Shoemaker

People affected by leprosy often have feet with an irregular shape, and they can’t buy shoes at a regular store. Your gift helps provide training for shoemakers, so they can design and make customized shoes to protect feet from injuries, infections or the loss of a limb.



Educate A Child

Invest in the education of a child, to build a better future and break the cycle of poverty for the next generation. This gift includes two uniforms, a school bag, books and notebooks.


School Supplies

Personal school supplies are essential for each student. Give the gift of a school supplies kit, including notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, glue, geometry set and markers.



Children are required to wear uniforms in the countries where we serve. Sadly, many parents can’t afford uniforms for their children. Give the gift of a school uniform, so a child can stay in school.



For many families, school fees are unaffordable. Help a family pay tuition, so their child can get an education and prepare for a brighter future. Your gift will cover tuition for a school year. 


Outreach Health Clinic

People living in remote areas may not be able to travel long distances to a hospital. Your gift supports the placement of outreach clinics, which provide essential services, including diagnosis, treatment, medication, and supplies.


Surgical Supplies

Your gift stocks hospitals and clinics with essential care items such as gauze, medical ointments, and surgical supplies. Together we can equip each health facility to care for the world’s most vulnerable people.


Educate School Children About Leprosy

Early signs of leprosy often show up during a person’s childhood years. By educating young children, they can become aware of the symptoms, and get early treatment to avoid serious health problems in the future.


Ground Breaking Research

Invest in ground-breaking scientific research to help us combat the disease more effectively, for a greater impact. With your help, we can improve leprosy care through innovative, evidence-based programs.


Educate Community Members About Leprosy

Your gift will support programs that educate people about the signs and symptoms of skin diseases like leprosy. These programs also aim to increase kindness and acceptance of people affected by these diseases.


Training For Healthcare Workers

As we strive to reduce the impact of infectious skin diseases, healthcare workers require specialized training. Your gift will help educate healthcare workers to recognize and treat diseases like leprosy, buruli ulcer, and lymphatic filariasis.


Mental Health Support

People affected by diseases like leprosy face discrimination and rejection, which leads to depression and other mental health issues. Your gift helps support community programs and counselling to restore mental health.


Equal Healthcare For Girls

In many cultures, the health of a girl or woman is the lowest priority in the family. When a girl’s illness is ignored, her condition gets worse. Your gift supports programs that prioritize health for girls and women. Healthy girls become strong women who help break the cycle of poverty in their community.

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