Diseases like leprosy often result in nerve damage, loss of limbs or even blindness. Medical treatments help to restore a person’s abilities so they can live with independence and dignity.


Leprosy Cure & Care

This gift provides everything a person needs to recover from leprosy and live a better life. This includes diagnosis, medication, treatment, mobility devices, and follow-up care.



A below-the-knee prosthesis restores a person’s ability to move freely, and overcome barriers such as stairs, and rough landscapes. Your gift restores a person’s mobility and independence.


Buruli Ulcer Care

Buruli ulcer is a disease that creates painful
open sores on the skin. People with this condition are often feared, rejected and excluded from social activities. Your gift helps treat people affected by Buruli ulcer.


Steroid Medications

People affected by leprosy can develop complications which affect their nerves. Steroid medications are prescribed to treat complications and reduce the risk of permanent nerve damage.


Lymphatic Filariasis Care

Lymphatic filariasis is a disease that causes extreme swelling and pain in the legs, which often leads to permanent damage. This gift allows a person to receive essential care to continue daily activities with confidence.


Hand and Foot Surgery

Skin NTDs like leprosy often result in complications, including the loss of a hand or foot. Your gift will pay for surgery to reverse deformities and disabilities, so people can thrive.


Ulcer Surgery

Ulcers are painful and create tears in the skin. Ulcer surgery improves the appearance of the skin and promotes healing. Your gift not only heals the body, but it also helps to restore a person’s self-esteem.


Eye Surgery

Give the gift of sight! Nerve damage caused by leprosy can lead to permanent blindness. Your gift pays for the reconstructive surgery that can help prevent this devastating loss of sight for one person.

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