Gifts of Care

Give meaningful gifts this Easter

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Foot Washing Kit: Matched Gift!

Prevent infection and ease pain, provide a wash basin, soap and soothing oils for a suffering patient. Your gift protects against disability. Plus, your gift is matched, DOUBLING your impact!
$5 x

Help someone who has lymphatic filariasis!

Lymphatic Filariasis carries similar stigma to leprosy. Caused by microscopic parasitic worms in the bloodstream, this disease causes painful and debilitating swelling. Help someone with this disease before disabilities become permanent.

Protect a Child - 3X Match!

Preschool children in Africa are vulnerable to dangerous parasites. Your gift provides deworming treatment and Vitamin A supplements to keep these children safe and healthy. Your gift is matched 3X!
$50 x

Stop the Spread of Leprosy - 3X Match!

Your gift helps fund ground-breaking projects at the Stanley Browne Research Laboratory, the Leprosy Field Research program in Bangladesh and through our very own R2STOP initiative. Your gift is matched 3X!
$100 x

Complete Cure and Care - 2X Match!

Your gift today of $396 provides, on average, everything a person needs: from detection, to treatment, to follow-up care and support. Our specialized medical teams are prepared to handle even the most complex cases.
$396 x


Bandages are essential to keep ulcers and other wounds clean and protected and prevent further infection.
$8 x

Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Health workers travel many miles in jeeps and motorcycles to reach people, going where others will not go. Provide critical maintenance and repair for their vehicles.

Tires for a Health Worker's Vehicle

People living in neglected communities only receive the cure when we can safely send a health worker. Roads in remote areas are rugged and cause heavy wear and tear on vehicles.

Surgeon Training

Your gift trains surgeons and medical staff in specialized treatments required for people with leprosy and other diseases.

Buruli Ulcer Care

Buruli ulcer, like leprosy, carries heavy stigma. Untreated, ulcers leave painful lesions on the skin. Half of the people affected are children. Help provide medical care for them today.
$45 x


Whether recuperating from surgery, or living with lifelong disability, a cane is a simple and effective mobility solution.

Self-Care Supplies

Provide locally purchased bandages, gauze, oil, soap and pumice stones so people with leprosy can keep their wounds clean at home.
$25 x

Below-the-Knee Prosthesis

When treatment is delayed, severe infections can develop that can require amputation. This prosthesis restores mobility and independence.
$325 x


Walking soon after surgery helps retrain leg muscles and rebuild confidence. When you give a set of crutches, you give a sense of freedom after surgery.
$44 x

Hand and Foot Surgery

Losing the use of a hand or a foot makes life challenging. You can provide surgery to correct or reduce disability.
$403 x


Leprosy can cause damage to hands and feet that make daily tasks difficult. Rehabilitation helps to retrain muscles and give hope for the future.
$42 x

Foot Care

Your gift of foot care provides the necessary equipment for preventing, cleaning and treating ulcers for someone with leprosy or lymphatic filariasis.
$25 x

Reconstructive Surgery

For some, leprosy, lymphatic filariasis and other neglected tropical diseases cause disfigurement and disability. Our team can transform lives with reconstructive surgery. Your gift helps someone regain their hope and dignity.
$616 x

Surgical Equipment and Supplies

Your gift provides surgical teams with the tools needed to perform life-changing surgery for those with leprosy, Buruli ulcer and Lymphatic Filariasis.
$35 x

Eye Surgery

Give the gift of sight! Nerve damage caused by leprosy can lead to permanent blindness. This complex reconstructive surgery prevents the devastating loss of sight.
$226 x

Help start a small business

Returning to the community after leprosy treatment can be difficult. You can help restore independence by supplying the tools and training a person needs to start their own business.
$750 x

Nursing Care

Where there are few doctors, nurses are the primary caregivers. A nurse’s knowledge and experience provides people with leprosy comfort and dignity.
$70 x

Hospital Room Supplies

You can provide essentials like clothing, bedding, food and other supplies to help someone keep up their strength while receiving treatment for leprosy.
$11 x


Leprosy and Buruli ulcer can cause severe infections and complications. Your gift provides the medications and antibiotics needed to fully recover.


In rural areas, travelling by car is difficult and dangerous. With a bicycle, our healthcare workers can quickly reach people to bring critical care for leprosy and other diseases.
$90 x


Children are often forced to stay home from school because of the stigma around leprosy. Help make sure every child has an opportunity to go to school.
$45 x

Early Diagnosis

Leprosy needs to be diagnosed and treated quickly to spare patients from permanent disabilities. With effective and timely treatment, they can fully recover with no visible scars from leprosy. This also prevents the hurtful stigma of the disease. When family and community members see the tell-tale disfigurements of leprosy, they often show fear through harsh discrimination, abandonment and abuse.
$99 x

Protective Sandals

Leprosy causes minor cuts to become major injuries and ulcers which can lead to amputation. Protective sandals can prevent a life of disability for someone.
$25 x

Medical Supplies

Thousands of patients come to us for help each year. Your support is critical to ensure doctors and nurses have the supplies needed to heal.
$30 x