Pencil Kit


A small gift can make a big impact. Give a child the right tools for school with this kit, which includes a geometry set, pencils, erasers and a pencil case.

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Our 2022 Back To School Gifts

Educate A Child


Educating a child is one of the most effective ways to invest in their future success. Good quality education is the first step out of systemic poverty. Your gift provides comprehensive support to young students affected by leprosy so they can stay in school. This gift covers two uniforms, a school bag, books, and stationery. Make a difference. Educate a Child.



The countries where we work require childre to wear uniforms to school. Sadly, many children don’t attend school because their parents can’t afford uniforms. Family expenses for uniforms are ongoing because children grow so quickly. Help a child meet this basic requirement by purchasing one or two uniforms to help them stay in school.

Provide School Supplies


You allow children to attend school when you give the gift of school supplies. Schools require children to provide their own school supplies. This is a significant barrier to education for children affected by leprosy – they just can’t afford the added expense of school supplies.

Provide Tuition


We serve the most marginalized out-of-school children in the areas where we work. Education will prepare them to be self-sufficient in the real world. It gives them the ability to choose a dignified way to earn a living in the future. Your gift will cover tuition so a child can stay in school for one full year.