This Giving Tuesday, You Can Change A Life.

With your support, we provide nearly 10,000 pairs of shoes yearly.

Each pair of custom made protective shoes costs only $28 to make and will significantly bless a person in need. Shoes that protect delicate feet and restore mobility can restore a person’s dignity and help them reintegrate into daily community activities, such as work and social gatherings.

Why Shoes?


People affected by leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases often lose all feeling in their hands and feet. As a result, a minor cut or injury to their feet can become infected. An infection can lead to a severe disability or even amputation. A pair of custom-fitted protective shoes can prevent that.

Each pair of shoes is carefully designed for every individual. People with leprosy often have feet with an unusual shape, and can’t buy shoes from a regular store. Our partners assess and take measurements of damaged, disfigured, or swollen feet and custom build a new pair of shoes using 3D printing.

It only costs $28 to prevent a minor cut from becoming a major health issue. Join thousands of other donors and give the gift of mobility today.

Kallu’s Story

Meet Kallu, a 52-year-old man living in India with his wife and three children.

For many years, Kallu worked as a day labourer on farms or construction sites, earning a small wage each day. One day, he realized there was no sensation in his left foot. Soon, ulcers began to develop on the soles of his feet and one of his toes became deformed. His condition gradually got worse until he was unable to work, and he could not even walk.

During this time, our partners at Lepra were going door-to-door in Kallu’s village to offer help to anyone with diseases like leprosy. They met Kallu and sent him to the local health clinic to receive treatment for leprosy, and self-care supplies to heal his skin. They also measured Kallu’s feet and designed customized footwear, to protect his feet from further damage. Kallu also received counselling on how to take his medication, look after his feet, and improve his self-confidence.

Since the visit from our partners, Kallu has been feeling much better and his condition has improved. He has started walking again and feels more prepared to go back to work and provide for his family.

Kallu Before And After Treatment

People Like Kallu Need Your Support. Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

Millions of men, women, and children around the world continue to be affected by neglected tropical diseases. By making a donation today you can give them hope for their future.