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Indonesia carries a high burden of disabling, chronic diseases. Leprosy, polio, diabetes, and other conditions negatively affect hundreds of thousands every year. Having a disability in Indonesia can result in stigma, reduced community participation, and greater poverty.

Leprosy in Indonesia:

There are about 19,000 new cases of leprosy in Indonesia each year, and associated disabilities is a large burden for affected people. Although leprosy is curable with Multi‐drug Therapy, individuals need to continuously care for themselves following treatment to prevent and manage their disabilities.

Many people we serve live in remote areas that are difficult for health workers to access. Information about disability self‐care is not readily available for these people who are affected by leprosy. But with current advancements in technology, effect:hope is able to bypass these geographic barriers.

For detailed information on this project, click on the image below for a PDF of the program summary.

Indonesia mPOD

  • Sends reminders to people affected by leprosy to self‐care and take medicine
  • Answers individual questions through text messages
  • Provides training and exchanges valuable information with health workers stationed remotely via SMS