The Kigali Declaration

People affected by leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases need your help. While individuals cannot sign or commit to the Kigali Declaration, you can help by sending a letter to your local MP to help raise awareness of the declaration to the Canadian government. Your advocacy can help change the lives of those with leprosy forever!

Effect Hope Has Signed The Kigali Declaration


Effect Hope has now signed the Declaration along with the Canadian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

What is The Kigali Declaration?


The Kigali Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases is a political declaration that strives to activate political will, community commitment, resources, and action to end unnecessary suffering from neglected tropical diseases.

The Kigali Declaration calls for commitments from countries around the world (like Canada), non-government organizations (like Effect Hope), pharmaceutical companies, youth organizations, and other key players to provide these resources and action through the next decade.

Prime Minister of Rwanda H.E. Édouard Ngirente signing and endorsing the Kigali Declaration on NTDs

What Are Neglected Tropical Diseases?

Neglected tropical diseases are a diverse group of 20 conditions that mostly impact individuals living in rural and remote areas, and those affected by poverty. They disproportionately affect women and children. These diseases cause devastating health, social, and economic consequences to more than one billion people.

There are currently 20 active conditions included in the category of NTD’s.

How Can Individuals Help?


While individuals cannot sign or commit to the Kigali Declaration, you can let people in power in Canada know that you care about this important global health issue. Let them know that you would like to see Canada’s commitment to the Kigali Declaration!

Individuals Can:

  • Write to your Member of Parliament (MP) — download our letter template by filling out our form
  • Write to the Hon. Harjit Sajjan, Minister of International Development of Canada
  • Share that you care about Canada’s commitment to this declaration on social media. Encourage people in your network to write letters to their MPs, too!

Step 1: Download Our Letter Template

Step 2: Sign The Letter And Send It To your Local Member of Parliament (MP)


Step 3: Encourage Others To Do The Same By Sharing On Social Media

How Can Organizations & Institutions Help?


Countries, organizations, companies and institutions can endorse the declaration. If you are the most senior, authorized signatory (for example, CEO, Director General) of an organization/company/institution and would like to endorse the Kigali Declaration, we invite you to email

Please include the name of your organization, your name, position and contact details. You will then be sent an invitation to make your commitment. Please visit for more information.

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