Neglected no more - because I matter.

Kolpona lived in fear. In the slums of Bangladesh, she had very few choices. When she told her husband that her right leg had a strange, but ongoing numbness they began to panic.

They had no money for the clinic but sought the help of the local village healer.

For five long years she faithfully took the herbs he prescribed. But the numbness spread.

Then, one day Kolpona’s daughter ran home, panting with exhaustion and excitement. She had seen a poster in town and the woman in the poster had sores exactly like her mother’s and there was clinic nearby she could go to and be treated FREE OF CHARGE.

That clinic operates because people like you provide the funds so patients like Kolpona get the medicines they need to fully cure them from leprosy.

You can offer this hope and complete healing for someone today. Please give as you feel led: