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Donate in your Will

Leprosy is a disease of immense suffering that has persisted since biblical times. Other diseases have been targeted and eliminated. The same must happen for this ancient affliction. By taking the time now to make a gift in your Will, you can create a future where leprosy victims are neglected no more.

How Your Gift Can Help

Help unlock the mysteries of leprosy by finding out how the disease is spread and uncovering ways to eliminate it.

Bring healing and hope every day to those individuals who suffer with the emotional and physical pain of leprosy.

People Who Have Left a Gift in their Will

effect:hope Executive Director

“A gift in your Will signifies a strong desire to be a good steward of all that one has achieved and been blessed with in one’s life.”

Bernadette’s Story
effect:hope supporter

“I’ve made it my life’s mission to eradicate leprosy and I’ve made a gift in my Will to ensure that this work continues.”

effect:hope supporter

“Leprosy is the one disease that we know from biblical times that’s still around. It was horrible back then and it’s still horrible now.”

Why Leave a Gift in Your Will

Leprosy is a disease of poverty. This is made worse when those who suffer are cast out and cut off from family and society. Find out more about how a gift in your Will can extend your faith beyond your lifetime.

What You Need to Know

If you do decide to leave a donation in your Will to effect:hope, here is some information on how to do so. We’ve provided some suggested wording and you may want to bring this to an appointment with your lawyer or other legal professional.

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